Hosting a Sharood Meal

Remember Claudia and Josefine?? Well, these are the girls that made the Sharood meal that they attended! Welcome Paula Sintenie, Heleen Vos, and Tessa Verhees!

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 9.42.21 PM.png

Can you tell me what it was like to use Sharood for the first time?

Tessa: It was your first time (points to Paula)

Paula: Yeah it was my first time

Did you know about the concept before you started?

Paula: Yes, it was really hard to not know about it


Heleen: But I really liked it, like I knew the girls we were eating with, I kind of saw them at school, but I didn't know they were so fun

Paula: I’d never seen them before, not before that day

What did you think about sharing a meal with them even though you’d never met them before?

Paula: It was fun

Heleen: I think there is an easy connection, you know you can talk about the food and then from one comes the other

Paula: Lots of wine


Was it difficult to figure out what you wanted to cook?


Tessa: We just kind of made up the title we said “pasta with exotic veggies” because we just put all the veggies we had together.

Heleen: We were just like, “Yeah, I have tomatoes, zucchini” what else? Yeah, I don't even know what else we added.

Paula: Broccoli, home made tomato sauce

So, you didn't feel a pressure to make the meal good and to entertain your guests?

Tessa: No
Paula: No

You guys went to AUCafé after, right? Is that something you would do with all Sharooders?

Tessa: No, it was just a natural thing that happened

Paula: I wanted to go to AUCafé, but all my friends didn't want to go and then we were eating and I was like maybe you guys want to join, you're my new friends.


Can you describe your ideal Sharood meal?

Heleen: Sushi


Tessa: No, the Deans meal was the ideal, like really good food, really good wine, and people

To Paula: Is that what you kind of experienced? Personally, does your ideal Sharood meal resemble the meal you had?

Paula: Yeah, well except for the food it could have been more exotic


Any suggestions for future Sharood chefs?

Tessa: Maybe if you’re doing it the first time try it with someone you know cause I was the person who knew both camps (laughter) so it’s good to have one connecting factor

Thank you girls for doing the interview! We hope to see more of your meals on Sharood soon!