Meeting Friends on Sharood

The lovely Laura Galante and Gordon Lucas joined me in an interview of how they met each other and delve into the influence Sharood has on the future. Thank you again for your time! Check out the interview below!

How long have you been using Sharood?

Gordon: I think since the first week I came here.

Laura: For me I think ever since its conception, around June. The moment it came out I was really interested in the idea and I messaged Axel for it.

What has the experience been like so far?
Gordon: Really cool. I met tons of people, for example Laura. We usually have good food, I’ve never had bad food and it saves a lot of time and money.

Laura: Yeah, same for me. I think the first time I used Sharood I went to Blijde’s dinner and she cooks the most amazing Malaysian food and that’s actually when I got to know her as well as Emma because they cook together. So, I thought that was a really nice way to kind of get to know each other better but also share the food that she made. And the same goes for when I cook for other people. And, when I met Gordon.

I think the craziest thing, well not really crazy, but kind of interesting is that you don’t just meet someone and forget about them.

How would you describe being a chef in one word?

Gordon: Fun. It’s fun cooking, but usually you don't cook for yourself because it’s too much food so with Sharood you have people to enjoy the food with.

Laura: For me it would be rewarding because it’s really nice to see people try your food and see what they think of it. In a way it is also rewarding for you because you put in the extra effort for them because you don't usually set up a table for yourself.


How would you describe being a guest in one word?

Gordon: Easy, you don't really have to do anything.

Laura: Very relaxed.

Gordon: Convenient.

What’s the craziest thing that has happened at a Sharood meal?


Laura: I think the craziest thing, well not really crazy, but kind of interesting is that you don't just meet someone and forget about them. I find it is a very serendipitous moment because it was kind of a coincidence that when I met Gordon I happened to see him again in Dutch class, so you never know when you’re going to probably meet that other person again.

Gordon: I think the craziest thing for me on Sharood was when we ate with the Dean and the Dean cooked for us. That was so good! (laughter) We played foosball.

What have you gained from using the app?

Gordon: Kilos


Gordon: No, just kidding

Laura: I guess new ways of cooking things. I don't tend to be extremely original with my food when I just want to eat and make something that I know. But, for example there are so many ways you can cook chicken and there are so many things I want to try out because of the food I have eaten at other people’s places.

Gordon: It’s inspiring to eat food from all over the world.

Have you tried to make one of the meals someone else did?

Gordon: Oh, I did. In the first week someone made Nasi Goreng and it was so good, so now we try to make it once a week.

What has Sharood done whether it is events or meals that you liked seeing or enjoyed being a part of?

Laura: I think you guys sponsored a sort of beer event where you put the Sharood logo on the bottles.

Oh! That was from Dormsessions

Laura: Yeah, that was really nice, was really well done.

Gordon: Well, then also you had this action where the person who cooked the most wins sushi with Kit. That’s actually really nice. I think I had that more than once.

Yeah, we had that twice, I think or three times maybe.

Gordon: But it’s amazing

Laura: Yeah, I still want to try that

Gordon: And it’s nice of Kit obviously to work together

Yeah, we want to do it again!

What is your opinion on Sharood changing the individualistic life many of us live to a more shared life and society?

Laura: I mean right now Sharood is going through a lot to make sure that this happens and I think its useful for new students that there is a kind of shared environment because it makes it easier to interact and to not be afraid to step up to other people’s rooms to open up a bit. If Sharood keeps going this way, I think this could be quite a good change and it would create a very strong feeling of community, which is really useful in environments such as these.

Gordon: Well, I don't think AUC is a very individualistic place, and I live in a four-person room. We constantly share everything. But I think it’s really amazing to share beyond that and see other people share food with you who live in a single person room. You see so many new people, new rooms, new food and it’s relaxing.

Well, that was it. Thank you!

Laura & Gordon: Thank you!