Using Sharood for the First Time

Josefine Andersen had Sharood on her phone for a while, but never found the right time to use it. Then, she overheard Tessa Verhees and Paula Sintenie planning their Sharood meal that night and she decided she would finally give it a try. She asked a friend of hers, Klaudia Godot, who also never used Sharood before, to come along. The two of them brought over wine and dessert (though an average sharooder does not need to do this) in order to make the experience even better. The following is an interview with Josefine and Klaudia talking about their experience of using Sharood for the first time.

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This was your first time using Sharood, right? What made you try it out?

Klaudia: Food


Josefine: Well, I started after summer holiday when you started advertising for it, basically. I got the app because I thought it was a great idea. I saw pictures also from dinners of everyone getting together, it looked like a very social thing, so I was like yeah I want to try that out too. And then, the boundary was always going alone, like if you really don't know anyone and had never spoken to them before was kind of a boundary. So, when Tessa was arranging it with another girl, who I had not met before, since I knew Tessa it was a bit easier and I was like okay I’ll go.

Klaudia: Yeah it’s quite the same. I’ve been planning on going to one of the Sharood dinners for so long, but the boundary for me was always deadlines or work, so I never had time I always missed all the dinners and then there was this one time and we were just here in the AB and then Tessa was planning this dinner and we were like lets do it, lets just do it, and we did it and it was fun.

Has this experience helped you become more comfortable with the idea, I mean more for you (pointing to Josefine) to use the app, like going over to someone’s place or cooking for someone else?

Josefine: Uhm… I feel like that's just me as a person but yeah I would still be a bit reluctant if I really had never spoken to them before, like it would be okay if even if its just someone I’ve only said a few words to but the thought of never haven spoken to someone before and then going alone is still kind of a boundary.

So, can you explain the process of going to the meal?

Klaudia: Were you nervous (to Josefine)

Josefine: chuckle No, I wasn't nervous and I kind of knew who was, so no I wasn't nervous

Klaudia: No, me neither. I was actually looking forward to it.

Josefine: Yeah, me too!

Klaudia: We even went to Spar and bought like wine and dessert

Josefine: Even though that is not like the convention

What was the meal like?

Josefine and Klaudia: It was good

Klaudia: It was some spaghetti with some exotic vegetables

Laughter amongst the two

Klaudia: Broccoli

Josefine: Yeah, it was just also something I would cook at home, not spectacular, but good, filling and the conversation was good, yeah we all got along so that was lucky

Klaudia: and the setting was really nice

Josefine: It wasn't awkward at all

Klaudia: No, no no, but like the table was really nice

Josefine: It was cute

Klaudia: It was set really nicely

And what was it like after the meal? When you finished?

Josefine: We went to AUCafé all together, yeah
So, you guys ate together before an event and went there together?

Josefine: Yeah, but that wasn't even planned, it was just spontaneous because it went so well

Klaudia: Yeah

Josefine: Yeah, and now I smile to the girls when I see them

Klaudia: Yeah, same, so it’s nice,

Josefine: It’s really nice
Klaudia: We’re friends on Facebook now

In all honesty, would you use Sharood again? Cooking or going?

Klaudia: Yes. I would do both

Josefine: Yeah, both

And what do you guys think of the concept of sharing food and getting to know people at the same time?

Klaudia: I really like it, such a good idea

Josefine: Yeah, you can even do it if you are the shy person you can still take a friend with you, so it’s open in that way. But yeah I was really impressed when I saw it I was like wow, that's a really good idea.
And do you have any advice for people who haven’t Sharooded yet?

Klaudia: Do it


Josefine: No, really, bring a friend, but the one thing that is a boundary is a bit of time management involved, so you need to plan a meal if you want to invite more people then when you go shopping you also have to think about proportions, how much you buy, so you do have to plan a bit and that's maybe also why I hadn’t done it before. It wasn't in my mind when I went shopping.

No it is a strange thing you have to think about cooking for more but then you don't think about that if you cook for other people you can still after that you can essentially go to a meal three times for free.

Josefine: Yeah, people should keep that in mind, myself as well, but I really want to cook a meal soon!

Klaudia: Yeah, me too!