What does sharood do?

Share your meals with all your friends in one tap, Sharood does the rest.

Get invited to your friends’ meals and eat with them.

Earn Points when you share, spend to eat


Enjoy your friend’s meals or share what you’re cooking, Sharood manages everything for you! Planning dinner with your friends and family will be more fun and easier than ever. 

You’ll know when someone is sharing a dinner with you and Sharood notifies your friends whenever you’re sharing whatever you’re cooking. Don’t worry about costs, you earn Cookies (Sharood’s point system) when you cook and spend them when a friend invites you over! Everything is for free!


→ Do you have many friends and are still eat alone too many times? 

→ Around the city and would like to eat with a friend who lives nearby? 

→  Cook too much every time and don’t want to throw leftovers? 

→ Sharing costs for the meal is painful for you? 


With Sharood you can:

-Add your old and new friends so they get automatically invited to your meals.

-Say where and when your meal is happening. Your friends show up to eat at the right time and place like magic.

-Add a limit to how many people you’re cooking for, so you don’t have Project X-Meal in your house. 

-Edit or delete your meal, because life is sometimes unpredictable. You can cancel your spot from the meal you joined if you suddenly have the opportunity to have dinner with a Kardashian.

-Chat directly on each meal to discuss important philosophical problems or saying that you’ll be 20 minutes late.




Sharood tells you when:

-A friend is sharing a meal

-A friend has added you

-A friend is going to a meal or cancelling a spot so you can join

-A meal has changed it’s time or location


If you cook Sharood tells you when:

  • A friend joins

  • A friend asks a question in the chat

  • A friend cannot come


If you join Sharood will notify you:

  • 20 before the meal starts, reminding you of the address too

  • The meal is deleted (Of course you’d get your Cookies back)