Authentic Spanish Omlette


Prep Time: 20 min

People: 4


All you need:

6 eggs

3 tsp chopped parsley

500 g potatoes

1 onion (white)



Step-by-Step Guide

1.) You can choose to peel the potatoes or leave the skin on. Either way you must cut them into thick slices and chop the onion.

2.) Heat some olive oil in a frying pan and add the potatoes and onion and stir occasionally until the potatoes soften. Strain the potatoes and onion. 

3.) Beat the eggs separately then add in the potatoes with the parsley. Season with salt and pepper.

4.) Heat the pan again and tip everything into it, cooking on moderate hear and using a spatula to shape the omelette into a cushion.

5.) When almost done, invert it on a plate and slide it back into the pan to cook the other side for a few more minutes. Eventually slide it on to a plate and cool it for 10 minutes before serving.