Sharooding your first time can feel a little strange, but don't worry! Here we will explain to you the most asked questions.

You'll be surprised how simple a Sharood meal is. Guaranteed. 

Don't feel comfortable with something or you didn't find an answer to your question?

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A 3-person Sharood

A 3-person Sharood

As a guest: do i need to bring something?-- NOpe!

When you use Sharood, you're going to a friend's meal, your host is just expecting you! The idea is to share in our everyday life, at any time. So, when you get an invitation for a meal, you just need to join and enjoy good company and good food!

If someone is sharing and you've saved a seat, you pay with Sharood Cookies (our virtual currency). You'll transfer Cookies to your host automatically by joining.  The next time you host a meal, you'll receive Cookies back. No need to bring anything, you'll share next time!

Sharooders in Amsterdam chatting after a meal

Sharooders in Amsterdam chatting after a meal

Sharing a meal? --simple!

Sharood sends a push notification immediatly after you share your meal! On average, after 6 minutes of posting, you'll have at least one friend joining your dinner!

It's about seening and sharing with friends! So, when you're cooking something that is easy to cook for more people, then you just share it on Sharood!

You're cooking pasta with a nice sauce? Adding more spaghetti is easy,  Add some more and invite others! There are many Sharooders in your area, so one will join for sure!

Meals don't have to be a party! Sharood is a tool for you to share during your routine. You can share with 2 others and that is awesome! From our experience, small meals have better conversation!


Preparing a sauce? Add some pasta. This is awesome to share!

Preparing a sauce? Add some pasta. This is awesome to share!

what does "number of people" mean?--Your extra portions

When you're posting your meal on the app it asks for Number of People. These are the portions you're sharing. Sharood is for your routine, so just share the extra portions, no need to make something big!

When your cooking 2 more portions to share, press 2 ! The meal will be closed automatically once two people join your meal, so don't worry, you will not have 13 people joining.