To promote safety, and to create a community, Sharood gives every active Sharooder a door sticker (like the one above) to put onto their dorm doors. This way, it is not only easier to recognise where to go for your meals but it also creates a safer environment 

Once you have sharooded, we will contact you and give you your very own "I am a #sharooder" sticker!


During the creation of this app, safety and privacy were our number one priority and we take it very seriously. Remember that this app is about reciprocal agreement and that your fear of meeting new people in an unfamiliar environment is probably shared. We want you to use the app in the safest way, in order to enjoy the experience as much as possible.

Privacy: You have the control over your privacy and personal information. The app itself does not disclose any details you don’t want to share publicly. 

You are cooking:

a.) If this is your first time, an alternative to not cook alone is to cook with friends or relatives when receiving your guests.

b.) If you feel uncomfortable, we encourage you to check your guests social profiles.

You are eating over:

In the same way, going to someone else’s house can also be a difficult and scary experience. 

1.) Bring a friend if you are new to the whole experience, and don't feel comfortable (but make sure to save 2 seats!)

3.) Just like the Chef, make sure to check your hosts social profiles

4.) Door stickers are a good thing! Look for those and know that you are part of a great community!


Sharood is not responsible for anything that can happen because/during the use of the app. For further questions or concerns please contact us at