selling cookies terms and conditions


We have created the selling Cookies program to reward Sharood users who share what they are cooking with their community and friends. 
To be eligible to sell Cookies you are a person who likes to share a lot of meals, and your friends love to join your meals. This means you are a very valuable member of the Sharood community. That’s why we want to make sure you are supported to continue sharing and making your friends happy. 

- Sharood has the right to deny payment if we have doubts about the veracity of the meal without having to give any explanations for it. That means, a person can sell Cookies to Sharood that he/she earned from people who joined his/her meal and the meal does not raise concerns of its veracity. Veracity means that the meals took place and the people who joined participated there and they added value to the Sharood Community. 

- You can only sell Cookies from meals (or other food items like leftovers, drinks…) you shared. The Cookies you eran by referring friends, transferring or any other way of receiving Cookies that is not by sharing meals cannot be cashed out to Sharood, these Cookies can only be used to join more meals. 

- Sharood has the right to terminate the selling of Cookies at any time, without previous notice and without explanations. The right to terminate the selling Cookies program can also happen once the the selling of Cookies has been requested by the user selling his/her Cookies.

Selling Cookies to Sharood is only available for Sharood users in The Netherlands.